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 Vol. 17 No. 7
 July, 1987

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CP Rail Coal Trains Feed the "Giant"


Vancouver - Two dozen CP Rail coal unit trains were involved in setting a record for the world's largest single shipment of coal here recently.
The 240,000 tonnes of metallurgic coal was transferred from the trains to the 259,588 DWT (dead-weight-ton) vessel, "Hyundai Giant", at the Roberts Bank coal port in May. The coal port, created in 1970 and expanded in 1977 to cope with ships of this size, is operated by Westshore Terminals Limited.
The coal was brought from mines in southeastern British Columbia in 111-car train sets and is destined for Korea's new $2.7-billion Pohang Iron and Steel Company plant.
The "Hyundai Giant" was built in 1985 and is owned by Hyundai Merchant Marine Company. It is the world's largest ore bulk carrier and the largest ship of its kind to visit the Port of Vancouver. It was the vessel's maiden voyage to B.C. and its arrival saw local ferries making detours to give passengers a closer look.
The loading of the "Hyundai Giant" betters a previous record loading of 198,000 tonnes of coal out of Hay Point, Australia.
"Korea is one of the few countries that are expanding its steel producers", said CP Rail's Dave Sissons, manager, coal.
"Westshore Terminal's ability to handle a ship this size helps maintain Canada's competitive position in this growing market.
CP Rail is the principal carrier to the Roberts Bank port, located 32 kilometres south of Vancouver.
Mr. Sissons said the railway expects to deliver a total 14 million tonnes of export coal to Roberts Bank before the year is out.

This CP Rail News article is copyright 1987 by the Canadian Pacific Railway and is reprinted here with their permission. All photographs, logos, and trademarks are the property of the Canadian Pacific Railway Company.

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