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Canadian Pacific Railway
Observation Cars in Europe 1912-1914
By Arjan den Boer
Tourist pose by a European Canadian Pacific Railway observation car - Date unknown Photographer unknown - CP Archives.
(Background - CP 8875 West (Train 31B-26) at milepost 117.8 of the Shuswap Subdivsion - 27 Jan 2010 John Leeming)
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 Logo Arjan den Boer created and assembled this presentation for his retours web site. retours is a monthly magazine for web browsers and tablet computers on the intersection between railway history, design, and photography. retours is definitely not only for train fanatics, but for anyone with an interest in history and applied arts. Topics include railway posters, station architecture, and travel photography. In some cases, items from Arjan den Boer's own collection constitute the starting point. By using a lot of images, short texts, and multimedia, he makes railway and design history attractive to a wide audience. The retours web site is constructed in HTML5 and optimized for the iPad, but can also be viewed in a recent web browser. The texts and images (indicating Arjan den Boer) may be reused under a Creative Commons license. Comments and suggestions are welcome on his web site where you may also subscribe to the retours eMail newsletter.

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View Arjan den Boer's presentation CPR Observation Cars in Europe 1912-1914 right here.

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With special thanks to Canadian Pacific Railway archivist Nick Richbell - Arjan den Boer.

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