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1 September 2014
Sunken Locomotives in Canada

Marathon Ontario - A bid to locate a locomotive that sank into a lake 104-years-ago has been launched.
It was on 10 Jun 1910 that the engine and tender of Canadian Pacific Railway D10 4-6-0 number 694 and two carriages derailed after striking rocks and slid 65 feet down an embankment into Lake Superior in Ontario.
The driver, fireman, and brakeman died.
Scuba divers are now searching for the wreck.
The Lake Superior Steam Locomotive Group and the Municipality od Schreiber are working with Discovery Charters to rediscover the wreck believed to be lying in about 200 feet of water 45 miles east of Schreiber.
The aim of the expedition is merely to photograph the locomotive and confirm its identity.
No items will be removed from the site at this stage, but the ultimate intention is to display relics in a local railway museum.
A total of 502 D10 "Ten Wheelers" were built between 1905-1913, making them the largest class of engines used by Canadian Pacific in the 20th century.
Extremely versatile yet built to a simple design, they were used in passenger, freight, and yard service until the end of the steam era in the early 1960s.
Seven survived into preservation.
Lake Superior Steam Locomotive Group spokesman Doug Strefurak said he would ideally like to see number 694 raised from the lake but believes the cost would be prohibitive.
Colin Churcher.

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