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24 September 2014
Scuba Divers Search for
Steam Locomotive 694

Marathon Ontario - 10 Jun 1910, steam locomotive 694 crashed into Lake Superior.
The steam locomotive, tender, and two cars derailed and slid down a 65 foot embankment into Lake Superior after striking rocks that had fallen onto the tracks.
The head end crew consisting of an engineer, fireman, and brakeman from Schreiber, all perished in the accident.
Today, there are 7 D10 engine's in existence, of the 502 overall.
The Canadian Pacific Railway took the engine off the roster in July 1910.
This August the Lake Superior Steam Locomotive Group, and the Township of Schreiber, are working with Discovery Charters to discover this historical artifact.
Experienced scuba divers from Southern Ontario, and Discovery Charters from Rossport, have offered to carry out the search for the wreck.
Doug Stefurak from the Lake Superior Steam Locomotive Group will be accompanying them on their expedition due to his knowledge of the accident and the local landscape.
Examining past news articles has led them to believe that the engine lies in about 200 feet of water and approximately 45 miles east of Schreiber Ontario.
The purpose of this diving expedition is to locate steam locomotive 694 underwater and to photograph the numbers on the engine to verify it.
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