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Volume 13
Number 2
January 26, 1983
Railroading Grows on You
Says Retired Jim Nixon
Active retiree: Retired switchman Jim Nixon stands on the running board of a miniature steam locomotive parked outside the Western Development Museum in Moose Jaw.

When Jim Nixon retired back in late 1975 after 32 years as a CP Rail switchman, he went on pension, and started a new career.

Looking for something to do one day in early 1976, Mr. Nixon wandered into the newly-completed Western Development Museum and asked if there was a job for him.

"They hadn't finished it when I came out here and made my application," said Mr. Nixon, now 68.

 Image "They asked me, When can you come to work? I said, How about tomorrow, and they said, How about one o'clock this afternoon?"

One of his first tasks was to help refurbish the CP Rail steam engine that occupies one side of the museum, next to the old "station".

"They asked me to paint the engine, do the van, and a new V-joint," he said. Ever since then they've just left him alone, and he continues to restore new acquisitions, mainly old cars.

"I've overhauled cars ever since I was a kid," he said. "I just did a 1937 Ford this afternoon. I had to put a new generator in it."

Mr. Nixon admits he can't get railroading out of his blood. He still runs the miniature steam engine around the tracks surrounding the museum grounds in the summertime.

"My family's railroad. My wife's family's railroad. It grows on you, you know," he said.

This CP Rail News article is copyright 1983 by the Canadian Pacific Railway and is reprinted here with their permission. All photographs, logos, and trademarks are the property of the Canadian Pacific Railway Company.
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