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10 July 2009

SkyTrain Schedules Work in Dunsmuir Tunnel

North portal of the Dunsmuir Tunnel - Date/photographer unknown.
Vancouver British Columbia - Work to address water seepage issues in the Dunsmuir Tunnel, the portion of SkyTrain running under downtown Vancouver, B.C., will begin 13 Jul 2009 and continue through 24 Jul 2009. From approximately 9:45 p.m. until the end of service each night, SkyTrains heading into Vancouver will terminate at Stadium-Chinatown Station. Passengers will then have to transfer to a shuttle train, which will run in alternate directions on the upper track, to go to Granville, Burrard, and Waterfront Stations. SkyTrain Attendants will be on hand at the affected stations to provide directions and assistance.
The Dunsmuir Tunnel was originally opened in 1932 to allow passenger trains to reach the CPR (now Waterfront) station from the False Creek yard without mixing with Vancouver's rapidly growing downtown traffic. It was adapted for SkyTrain in the early 1980s. Water seepage is a naturally occurring event in the tunnel and the minerals in the water can speed up corrosion in the track and electrical components. Work will continue in the fall, with dates yet to be confirmed.
Cordova Station is located on Vancouver Island in British Columbia Canada