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Damage to the bus - 13 Feb 2017 Pete Fisher.
14 February 2017
Three Escape Safely Before CP Train Slams Into School Bus

Cramahe Township Ontario - Three people escaped safely before a train hit a school bus that was stuck on the tracks at a crossing Monday morning in Cramahe Township, an Ontario community east of Toronto.
Emergency services were called to the CP crossing on Town Line Road at approximately 07:40.
Northumberland OPP Constable Steve Bates said a school bus travelling south was stopped at the crossing.
A driver, adult monitor, and a high school student were on board the bus at the time and the driver was on his regular route.
The driver stopped and opened his door, which is mandatory, to check to see if there were any trains coming.
After making sure it was clear, the driver tried to proceed across the slightly elevated crossing, but OPP say the front wheel became stuck in the snow.
The crossing has illuminated railway signals with bells.
Shortly after the bus got stuck, an eastbound freight train approached the crossing and couldn't stop before slamming into the front of the bus sending it spinning completely around facing south again, approximately 100 feet from the point of impact.
Debris littered a wide area including parts of the bus and the railway signal.
All three people aboard the bus had evacuated before the impact.
The bus was from First Student Bus Lines based out of Bowmanville.
Manager Lianne Landry said she hadn't spoken to the driver yet, who was on his way back to Bowmanville, but Landry added, "it's always good news when everybody is fine."
County Road 31 in Cramahe Township and Town Line Road were blocked while Northumberland OPP and CP investigated the cause.
Pete Fisher.

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