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CEO Keith Creel - Date unknown Photographer unknown.
21 February 2017
CP Brings Back Beaver
in Updated Corporate Logo

 Image Calgary Alberta - The beaver is back at Canadian Pacific Railway.
The Calgary-based railway's latest logo incarnation, unveiled Tuesday, restores the symbol of Canadian sovereignty to its corporate shield for the first time in a decade.
"Thanks to a lot of hard work in the past few years, we have taken our rightful place as an industry leader and the time is right to reconnect with our past by bringing back this iconic symbol for Canada, and for CP," president and CEO Keith Creel said in a statement.
Largely extinct at CP since 1968, the beaver last adorned the shield in 2007 following a short-lived resurrection.
The company has revised its logo 16 times over its 131-year history.
The new image meshes the company's modern red CP lettering, in use since 2012, with a gold heritage shield topped by the dam-building rodent.
According to CP's web site, the beaver, originally pictured gnawing on a maple leaf, first adorned the company's shield in 1886.
The logo was revised numerous times over the following 80 years, although the beaver remained a fixture for most of that time.
"2017 is an exciting year for Canada and for CP as we reconnect with our past and continue to build for the future," said Creel.
"We take pride in our past and look to the future with the same boldness, ambition, and innovation that drove the creation of the railway in the first place."
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