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The CP station at North Bay shown in a 1935 film shot to promote the city - Date unknown Photographer unknown.
17 March 2017
Museum Receiving Footage
from the National Film Board

North Bay Ontario - Visitors to the Discovery North Bay Museum will have the opportunity later this spring to see some rare historic footage of the city.
The museum is getting three short pieces of footage of North Bay from the National Film Board of Canada's archives to add to its exhibits as part of a revamp that's currently underway.
The third film, which is also from 1935, was produced by the City of North Bay and the North Bay Board of Trade.
It was aimed at promoting the city as a "good place to work, live, and do business" and includes aerial footage of the waterfront, as well as shots of the former Canadian Pacific Railway Station.
It's the only one of the three that's available online.
The museum, however, has requested its own copy since the online version includes a film board watermark.
Museum co-ordinator Naomi Rupke said the museum, in conjunction with the Municipal Heritage Committee, is planning a "movie night" this spring at the museum to show the films.
And she said they will be added to exhibits on display.
Other exhibit additions will include specifics about the Canadian Pacific Railway Station, the building in which the museum is now housed.
Gord Young.

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