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26 April 2017
Port Authorities Celebrate Partnership

Calgary Alberta - Canadian Pacific (CP) and senior officials from the Vancouver Fraser Port Authority, the Montreal Port Authority, Global Container Terminals Canada, Montreal Gateway Terminals Partnership, DP World Canada, Logistec Corporation, and Fraser Surrey Docks yesterday met at CP's head office in Calgary to discuss their commitment to working together in promoting Canada's largest and two most important gateways to the international supply chain.
Since 2012, CP has undergone massive operational and customer service improvements that have enabled the railway to be a leader in the North American rail industry and positioned the company for growth.
In February of this year, CP made significant changes to its international intermodal bench including the appointment of Jonathan Wahba as Vice-President Sales and Marketing, Intermodal, and Grain.
"Yesterday's meeting with the Montreal Port Authority, the Vancouver Fraser Port Authority, and terminal operators from both ports is a crucial step in CP enhancing these important partnerships to sell our fastest service in the largest corridors from Vancouver and Montreal, to continue to improve our performance in other lanes, and to grow our businesses together," said Wahba.
"CP's international intermodal team is the strongest and most focused it has ever been."
By leveraging CP's competitive advantages and adding Trip Plan to its service offering, CP's customers enjoy the fastest service from Vancouver to Chicago and Minneapolis.
CP continues to shorten transit times in other major corridors to provide its customers with reliable service from coast-to-coast.
Supported by increased investments in infrastructure and service delivery, CP is primed for growth.
The Port of Vancouver is Canada's largest and most diversified port, operating across five business sectors and facilitating trade with more than 170 world economies.
"Looking ahead to the future of trade through the Port of Vancouver, we regularly consider how best to balance Canada's trade demands with the need to protect the environment and maintain the quality of life of our neighbours," said Peter Xotta, Vancouver Fraser Port Authority Vice-President Planning and Operations.
"We had the opportunity to sit down with our supply-chain partners to discuss how we can most effectively work together to achieve our common goals and chart a course toward a sustainable future."
CP has been operating in the Montreal area for more than 135 years and operated at the Port of Montreal when it opened 50 years ago.
The Port of Montreal has the shortest direct route from Europe and the Mediterranean to North America and is the closest international container port to North America's industrial heartland.
"Through our storied past, the collaborative efforts between the Port of Montreal and CP have led to many extraordinary successes," said Sylvie Vachon, Montreal Port Authority President and Chief Executive Officer.
"We are confident that the recent changes announced by CP and their international intermodal team, coupled with their improved services, will enable the port of Montreal to maintain its status as the premier intermodal port of North America, and together experience many more successes going forward."
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