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A Canadian Tire representative and CP CEO Keith Creel - Date unknown Photographer unknown.
27 April 2017
CP and Canadian Tire Deploy North America's First 60 foot Intermodal Container

Calgary Alberta - Canadian Pacific (CP) and Canadian Tire Corporation Limited (CTC) announced today the deployment of North America's first 60 foot intermodal container for use by the retailer.
The 60 foot container, which was developed by Canadian Tire team in close collaboration with CP, will serve as an intermodal solution to increase productivity and efficiency.
The increased size, an additional seven feet from the current 53 foot containers, allows Canadian Tire and CP to transport more products to increase the volume of products shipped in each container, while reducing transportation costs and greenhouse gas emissions.
This new configuration will enable us to increase the volume shipped in each container by 13 percent which ultimately allows us to carry more goods per trip, resulting in an improvement in service to our stores and our customers."
CP has collaborated with Canadian Tire on innovative projects before, including the introduction of the first 53 foot intermodal container in 1994.
CP has been testing the 60 foot configuration for several months through a variety of ways, including using a prototype on existing 53 foot containers to mimic the new, longer, container in transit.
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