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Kamloops storage tracks - Date unknown Photographer unknown.
5 May 2017
Cando Rail Opens Kamloops Site

Kamloops British Columbia - Independent terminal services and wagon storage company Cando Rail has opened the first phase of its rail terminal at Kamloops.
Phase 1 includes tracks for the storage of empty wagons.
Future plans include facilities for trans-loading, wagon repairs, track and engineering services.
The site will also serve as a base from which Cando can support rail operations for customers throughout the province.
"We believe in the British Columbia economy and are here for the long term to serve the rail and shipping industry as well as mining, forestry, and other customers", said CEO Brian Cornick on 27 Apr 2017.
"We expect our Kamloops operation to grow and evolve over time. It's the perfect location for our B.C. headquarters situated close to major ports and connected to the rest of Canada."
Cando provides terminal services at more than 25 sites in Canada and the USA, and can store wagons in yards and sidings across Canada.
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