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The Canadian Pacific Railway station in Schreiber - Circa 1980 Photographer unknown.
5 May 2017
Railway Tax Changes Could Top Up Coffers of Northern Municipalities

Northern Ontario - A change in how railroads are taxed for their tracks in northern Ontario will boost the bottom line for many communities in the region.
The change was announced as part of the provincial budget.
Councillors in some communities, including Fort Frances, have asked for changes in railway taxation for years.
Schreiber should collect an additional $4,000 a year, said Don McArthur, the CAO in Schreiber.
"Unfortunately, it is an odd thing that we don't have an awful amount of railway acreage in the Municipality of Schreiber, although we are a railroad town," he said.
It's important to ensure the taxation is not too high, as the industry contributes a lot to the economy in the community, McArthur said.
"I think it's important that the railroads are taxed fairly in comparison to other businesses, and other means of transportation," he added.
"I think it's important that municipalities benefit equally from them."
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