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This doesn't look like the typical Canadian locomotive cab - Date unknown Photographer unknown.
29 May 2017
Canada's Best Job
Locomotive Engineer

Canada - Job Description:
This job is split between two complementary roles, railway locomotive engineers are expected to operate the trains carrying passengers or freight, while communicating properly with their crew and traffic controllers, while yard locomotive engineers specifically operate trains at the yard, uncoupling and switching cars, and inspecting and refuelling the locomotives.
Job Qualifications:
Experience as a conductor is needed to be a railway locomotive engineer, and you'll need to work as a railway yard worker to work as a yard locomotive engineer.
Additionally, railway locomotive engineers need a certificate of the Canadian Railway Operating Rules.
Wages in this field have grown by 23 percent over five years, with the median salary sitting around $70,000.
Career Opportunity:
Opportunities for train crews and operators, including locomotive engineers, is currently matching supply, and is projected to stay that way for the foreseeable future.
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