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Cranes lift CP 29 from its location at Gulf Canada Square - Date unknown Photographer unknown.
19 June 2017
91 Tonne Landmark Locomotive Moved from Downtown to CP's Ogden Headquarters

Calgary Alberta - Ninth Avenue in downtown Calgary temporarily turned into a train track late Saturday night to help move a 91,000 kilogram landmark to its new home.
Locomotive 29 has been parked outside Gulf Canada Square for more than 20 years.
It was originally built in Montreal in 1887 and came to Calgary with Canadian Pacific Railway when the company moved to the city in 1996.
When CP moved its headquarters from downtown to Ogden in 2012, the locomotive was left behind, but not forgotten.
Ninth Avenue was closed to traffic late Saturday for the overnight operation that began with two cranes lifting the massive locomotive onto a temporary track.
The steam engine was then wheeled under the Plus 15 pedestrian walkway to be placed on a truck and driven to a nearby railway line, where it was transported to Ogden.
CP spokesperson Salem Woodrow said the locomotive is going to be refurbished before going on display again and is part of a larger restoration plan at CP's head office campus.
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CP 29 is pulled along temporary track from Gulf Canada Square - Date unknown Photographer unknown.
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