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The Brockville tunnel - Date unknown Photographer unknown.
19 July 2017
Revitalization of Canada's
First Railway Tunnel

Brockville Ontario - Philips Lighting today announced that its connected architectural lighting system was selected to illuminate the Brockville Railway Tunnel.
More than 700 Philips Color Kinetics ColorGraze Powercore LED fixtures, containing 2,800 individually controllable colour nodes, have been used to transform the previously unused railway tunnel into a visually stunning pedestrian walkway that highlights the tunnel's architecture and geology.
A pillar of Canada's pre-Confederation industrial heritage, the Brockville Railway Tunnel has undergone an innovative restoration, transforming the interior of the tunnel into a cutting-edge lighting installation fitted with energy-efficient dynamic architectural LED lighting.
Once completed, Canada's First Railway Tunnel and Railway Tunnel Park will attract more than 30,000 visitors annually, both local residents and tourists, and complement Brockville's other downtown and waterfront attractions.
At a preview event that took place earlier today, David LeSueur, City of Brockville Councillor and Brockville Railway Tunnel Committee Chair said, "The Brockville Tunnel is a remarkable historical landmark and we had a vision to transform it into a true attraction that will make it internationally known. With the Philips architectural LED lighting, we have created something wonderful for the community and visitors."
City of Brockville Mayor, David L. Henderson, said, "We are seeing high-tech to illuminate our past and make it interesting for many generations to come."
The tunnel will become the central hub in Brockville to host community events and festivals year-round for both visitors and residents, further cementing it as one of the iconic landmarks in the Thousand Island region.
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