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A TCRC-MWED maintenance of way worker - Date unknown Photographer unknown.
20 July 2017
Five Year Agreement with CP

Calgary Alberta - Canadian Pacific (CP) and the Teamsters Canada Rail Conference Maintenance of Way Employees Division (TCRC-MWED) today announced they have ratified a new five-year agreement.
"We thank the union leadership for their vision and willingness to work with us proactively and collaboratively during this successful bargaining process," said Keith Creel, CP President and Chief Executive Officer.
"This agreement reflects the continuing trend of early, long-term contracts with our unions that ensure stability for our hardworking employees and consistency of service for our customers."
The agreement received 85 percent support and is effective 1 January 2018.
The agreement ensures wage increases of 2 percent each year over the term of the contract and provides the opportunity for additional increases of 1 percent in the fourth and fifth years depending on gains in Revenue Ton Miles.
TCRC-MWED represents approximately 2,000 workers at CP.
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