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Canadian Pacific Railway Canada 150 tour train beside the Bow River - 25 Jul 2017 Cor van Steenis.
26 July 2017
At the Bend in the Bow

The Bow River Alberta - At 10:30, 25 Jul 2017, Canadian Pacific held a media event at Ogden Yard to mark the start of their Canada 150 Tour.
Shortly after that the train departed for Port Moody where the first event will be held.
The tour will then cross Canada to Montreal stopping at a total of 12 more cities.
The newly named CP 1, "Sandford Fleming", brought up the tail end.
The consist was recorded at Banff during the train's stop there:
CP F units 1401, 1900, and 4107
CP 95 Generator Car
CP 73 Mount Royal (Staff Car)
CP 71 Killarney (Staff Car)
CP 85 Banffshire (Sleeper)
CP 102 "Spirit of Tomorrow" (Special car to be decorated by children)
CP 42901 Stage Car
CP 103 Major Rogers (Lounge Car)
CP 78 Royal Wentworth (Business Car)
CP 84 Craigellachie (Dining Car)
CP 74 Mount Stephen (Business Car)
CP 70 Assiniboine (Sleeper)
CP 79 NR Crump (Sleeper)
CP 82 Strathcona (Business Car)
CP 77 Van Horne (Business Car)
CP 104 Gym Car
CP 2 (Business Car)
CP 1 Sandford Fleming (Theatre-Observation Car)
Cor van Steenis.

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