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28 July 2017
Let the Canada 150 Tour Begin

Ioco Spur Port Moody British Columbia - Canadian Pacific's Canada 150 Train played its first gig today in Port Moody.
The train arrived from Coquitlam about 16:00 by backing onto the Ioco Spur stopping near the Port Moody Recreation Complex next to a fenced off area for the dignitaries.
Crowd control was provided by two CP constables at the Murray Street grade crossing.
CP's mini-train was on hand for the kiddies, big and small, along with live music, a complex bouncy castle plus a large bouncy tiger.
Here's a few photos of the train's arrival with the Theatre car leading the way:
William Slim.

The Theatre Observation car "Sanford Fleming" is backed towards the Murray Street crossing.
The "Spirit of Tomorrow" follows the stage car across Murray Street.
The three heritage units push the consist across Murray Street in Port Moody.
Once in position the CP Canada 150 Train is guarded by this stop indication.
A CP constable shoos the gawkers off the track.
CP's mini-train is consists of a short dome car and a caboose pulled by 9380 which has a very loud horn.
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