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Equipment to be used for removal of rails and ties on the
Maniwaki Sub in Chelsea - Date unknown Photographer unknown.
3 August 2017
The Executioners Await

Chelsea Quebec - Re:  Complaint Maniwaki Subdivision Mileage 0.0-20.3 (Gatineau Chelsea La Peche QC) - 31 Jul 2017.
Dismantling of the railway through Chelsea is expected to begin 7 Aug 2017.
The equipment contracted by Chelsea Council to remove the rails and ties is stored at the Farm Point sewage plant, just off River Road.
The rail line runs immediately west of this municipal installation, and could be accessed from nearby St. Clement Street.
As you can see, one machine is equipped to also operate on rails.
Not exactly lightweight machines so one can expect considerable surface disturbance as the rails and ties are removed.
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