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About 20 hopper cars of corn jumped the tracks - Date unknown Photographer unknown.
11 August 2017
Plenty of Spilled Corn
After Derailment Near Emerson

Emerson Manitoba - A big cleanup job is underway on a rail line in southern Manitoba after several train cars full of corn jumped the tracks Friday afternoon.
Twenty-three cars were derailed about 12:45 on the tracks about 15 kilometres north of Emerson.
RCMP tweeted there were no injuries and no hazardous materials spilled, just plenty of spilled corn.
Const. Paul Manaigre said the derailment did not interrupt traffic or damage any property.
Manaigre said he wasn't able to speculate on a cause for the derailment, but said the clean-up timeframe will be considerable, "considering the amount of debris to remove and track to repair."
RCMP officers from Morris and Emerson are assisting CP with the incident, Manaigre said.
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