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The rail yard south of Whyte Avenue - Date unknown Photographer unknown.
15 August 2017
Old Strathcona CP Yard Development Goes Quiet 2 Years After Major Announcement

Edmonton Alberta - Residents and businesses in the Old Strathcona area are eager to see the Canadian Pacific Rail Yard developed, but since 2015, they haven't had any updates.
"It's limiting the area for use. I feel like it's kind of the key to the whole neighbourhood," said Sterling Derk, owner of Derks.
Three years ago, CP removed the tracks crossing Whyte Avenue and now trains rarely travel north past 78 Avenue.
In 2015, the company announced the 32 hectare rail yard was slated for development.
However, the city confirmed to Global News it's still waiting for an application from CP to develop.
"Obviously, whatever happens there will have to be carefully thought out and planned. It's a big piece of land. It's created a block to east-west connections," Henderson said.
Derks has been at its Old Strathcona location, north of the rail yard, since 1979.
Sterling Derk said the development would increase business.
"Even with the minor changes that have gone on in the last five years, foot traffic has probably almost doubled, if not tripled," he said.
Condo residents who live next to the rail yard are eager to see the area cleaned up.
"I do get a lot of dust on my window ledges, so I think the air quality could be improved," said Daniel Munch, a resident of Scona Gardens.
"I would love to see a park. A place where I could go meet some friends," said condo owner Andy Silva.
"Right now there's a lot of dust."
CP responded to questions regarding the rail yard with a statement, "Canadian Pacific continues to explore all opportunities for these lands."
"The railways don't answer to many people and it's certainly not to us," Henderson said.
However, Henderson said he remains optimistic CP will eventually develop the area.
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