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Canadian Pacific Railway locomotive number 374 - Date unknown Photographer unknown.
25 August 2017
Enchanted Garden in Canada

Gatineau Quebec - One of the most impressive things you'll see in Canada this year is the garden artistry at MosaiCanada 150.
In June 2017, Jacques Cartier Park Gatineau was turned into an artistic garden installation with 40 imaginative giant three-dimensional sculptures made from living plants.
Selected for their colourful foliage, the plants grow in soil between geotextile layers supported by a metal frame.
The living sculptures are watered by an internal irrigation system and each scene is a fascinating chapter in the story of Canada.
A path meanders past scenes that display what's important in each Canadian province and territory, from polar bears, wolves, and muskoxen to Mounties, French explorers, Niagara Falls, and the historic happenings that shaped the nation.
Christina Pfeiffer.

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