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These items may have been shown either at launch parties or in display windows. It includes items railway workers would've carried with them to the construction site, from canned buffalo meat, to a small bottle of breakfast champagne - Date unknown Flora Pan.
1 January 2018
Advertising for Pierre Berton's
"The Great Railway"

Hamilton Ontario - McClelland & Stewart did not shy away from advertising Canadian author Pierre Berton's new book at the time, "The Great Railway", which explored the planning and construction of the Canadian Pacific Railway in the 1800s.
The Canadian publishing industry has always been a difficult industry.
The McClelland & Stewart publishing company has done a lot of sort of crazy stuff to get the word out for their books.
Flora Pan.

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The Great Railway Illustrated container box - Date unknown William Slim.

Burton, Pierre
Great Railway Illustrated, The
McClelland & Stewart 900-481 University Avenue Toronto Ontario M5G 2E9
1972 - Hard cover - 10 x 10.25 inches - 25.5 x 26 centimetres
336 pages - 177 photos - 87 drawings - 18 maps - $17.95 (1972)
Historic photos taken during the construction of the Canadian Pacific Railway.

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