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 Safety Tips.

 Logo NOTE:  All railway property is private property. In addition to risk of death or serious injury, people who trespass on railway property are subject to being charged federally under the Rail Safety Act. The information provided below is for your safety should you choose to disobey the law and trespass upon railway property. This web site does not advocate trespassing on railway property.
The number one cause of personal injury is slips, trips, and falls;
Stay well clear of moving trains. You may be severely injured by dragging equipment;
When crossing tracks watch for movement in both directions then cross at a right angle;
Never step on a rail while crossing tracks;
When crossing track around the end of any car or locomotive leave 15 feet of clearance to
protect yourself from sudden movement;
Do not stand or walk between the rails of any track;
Avoid pinch points at switch locations;
Do not cross over a standing string of cars or equipment;
Do not climb on ANY railway equipment;
Do not walk into tunnels or across bridges and trestles;
Do not drive around any lowered grade crossing barriers;
Trains can be extremely quiet, or masked by other sounds, especially when you least expect them.