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15 February 2018
Former IT Worker Sentenced for Damaging Railroad Company's Computer Network

Minneapolis Minnesota USA - A former information technology employee with Canadian Pacific Railway (CP) was sentenced to prison Tuesday in a federal court for intentionally damaging the company's computer network, according to a release from the U.S. Attorney's Office in Minnesota.
The release said 46-year-old Christopher Victor Grupe, of Minneapolis, was sentenced to one year and a day in prison.
Grupe was found guilty of one count of intentional damage to a protective computer in October.
Grupe was employed with CP from 2013 to 2015, according to the release.
He was notified on 15 Dec 2017 that he was going to be terminated by the company.
However, Grupe was later allowed to resign, the release says.
Before turning over his computer and other company property, Grupe gained access to the company's network and deleted files, removed administrative accounts, and changed the passwords to administrative accounts, the attorney's office says.
Because of those actions, the company was locked out of the network.
After the network was rebooted, the railroad company and an outside computer security company were able to track the damage back to Grupe.
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