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One cold Canadian Pacific loco -
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12 January 2018
CP Train Briefly Stopped Near Redcliff Due to Cold

Redcliff Alberta - The cold temperatures Friday morning temporarily caused a Canadian Pacific Railway (CP) train to block access into Redcliff from two railroad crossings.
According to a CP spokesperson, at approximately 08:00 a train travelling west experienced problems with its air-brake system due to the cold temperatures.
According to Environment Canada, temperatures in Medicine Hat were reported as minus 28 degrees Celsius, but felt like minus 34 degrees with the windchill.
The train was forced to stop, and it blocked rail crossings at Broadway Avenue and 8th Street Northwest, according to the Town of Redcliff.
CP says they dispatched personnel and equipment to thaw the frozen components.
"CP works hard to keep our equipment in good working order and to avoid unnecessary train delays for the benefit of the public and our customers," the spokesperson said.
"As Medicine Hat residents can appreciate, this morning's cold was quite severe. Our personnel responded immediately and worked through difficult conditions to get the train moving as quickly and safely as possible."
The train was moving again at 09:00.
CP says they regret the inconvenience to the public the stoppage caused.
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