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4 September 2017
Final Final End of the
CP Canada 150 Tour Train

Calgary Alberta - I had heard that CP's Canada 150 Train was to return to Calgary from its last event in Ottawa on Friday, 01 Sep 2017 mid-morning, after an overnight layover in Medicine Hat.
Finally, at 11:42 the train appeared on the high embankment south of Ogdendale Road in Calgary.
The train was led by CP 1401, 4107, 1900, and 4106, an A-A-B-A arrangement.
It had left Calgary for Port Moody with an A-B-A arrangement on 25 Jul 2017.
CP 4106 was added somewhere west of Calgary on the eastbound trip and so it had returned to Calgary on 30 Jul 2017.
Then it left Calgary again for the east with an A-B-A-A arrangement.
Then somewhere between Edmonton and Winnipeg the power was rearranged to A-A-B-A, still with 1401 leading.
That is how it returned to Ogden Yard.
The train returned with 18 cars although it had left Calgary with 17 cars.
A second generator car, CP 99, had been added (I believe in Smiths Falls, Ontario, after dead heading east on a freight) for the event in Ottawa as the track at the VIA station was not long enough to hold the whole train without interfering with VIA operations.
The train was therefore split into two sections with a generator car for each section.
Now back in Calgary on 1 Sep 2017 you can barely see the downtown Calgary high rise buildings due to the smoke from the BC wildfires, but at least I caught the train both on its departure from Ogden Yard on 25 Jul 2017 and its return on 1 Sep 2017, conditions notwithstanding.
Cor van Steenis.

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