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Sally Thomsett - Date unknown Anonymous Photographer.
13 September 2002
Sally's Nostalgic Return to Station

Keighley Yorkshire England United Kingdom - One of the Railway Children has returned to the area for a whistle-stop tour and a trip down memory lane.
Sally Thomsett, who was one of the stars of the timeless 1970 version of the Edith Nesbit tale, returned to the Worth Valley for the second time.
Filmed on location at Oxenhope farm Three Chimneys, and Oakworth Station, The Railway Children is a classic and featured many local people.
Sally returned with a BBC crew to shoot scenes for a new series, which will re-visit various film locations and will be shown on BBC2 from next March.
Sally, 53, said:  "The Railway Children was filmed in 1970 and I was 21 at the time, but I was playing an eight-year-old. They didn't want anyone to know I was over 16 to ruin it for the people who went to see the film, so I wasn't allowed to be seen drinking. I heard a story that they made me gin and tonic ice lollies so no one would know, but it's not true! There wasn't any drinking, a bit of debauchery maybe but not alcohol related! Oakworth is still such a pretty station and it's nice to be back. They are really happy memories of good times, working with nice people."
The heavy rain on Friday meant that filming for the new series had to be moved from Three Chimneys to Oakworth Station.
Sally, who now lives in central London, added:  "It was a fantastic time in my life and it's nice to be back for a trip down memory lane."
The BBC programme is presented by Ben Fogle, of Castaway, and director Joanna Brame said:  "We are making ten short location films each about 15 minutes long. The Railway Children is such a favourite though, and it really is a lovely part of the world."
Haworth Band members who had appeared in the 1970 film gathered to reminisce and they were joined by the band's present-day line-up.
A search launched through the Keighley News for people who had been involved in the making of the movie, was hugely successful.
Council countryside officer David Parsons, who acted as a contact locally for the BBC production team, said:  "The response was terrific and I would like to say a big thank you to everyone who got in touch. It is appreciated."
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