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Before and during photos of the flood at Haworth station - Date unknown Anonymous Photographers.
13 August 2004
Piggy-Back Rescue for Marooned Pensioner

Haworth Yorkshire England United Kingdom - Home owners and businesses in Haworth were counting the cost of flooding this week following hours of monsoon style rain.
The Bridgehouse Beck, which runs through the village, burst its banks at about 09:00 on Tuesday after about a month's worth of rain fell in 24 hours.
The Met Office said that about 75 milimetres of rain fell during a 24-hour period across the district, with more than 50 milimetres of that coming overnight.
The average rainfall for August is 80 milimetres.
Keighley firefighters and police were called to Haworth to attend to a number of problems.
Leading firefighter Andy Morris said:  "The whole bottom of the village was filled with water."
Mill Hey and Station Road were impassable for several hours and firefighters, using dry suits, had to rescue businessman Denis Pagdin from his Range Rover, which became trapped in the rising water.
Rainwater flooded several homes and businesses in the area, including the Royal Oak, Haworth Conservative Club, and the Spar store.
Staff at Hairworks also fought a losing battle against the floods.
Owner Rebecca Saunders said:  "It has been absolutely horrendous. We tried desperately to stop the water coming in but it got a few feet above the door level so we gave it up as a bad job."
Spar supermarket manager Brian Walker was left calculating the damage to the store which saw refrigerated cabinets lifted and swept aside and sacks of potatoes carried in the flood.
Shop worker Melissa Folz said:  "It came in like a tidal wave. Before we knew it, it was up to our shins. I had to give an 82 year-old lady a piggy-back out of the store."
Mr. Walker said the shop would be closed for at least two weeks.
He added:  "But we hope to get a portable building open in the next couple of days to keep the customers of Haworth happy."
Around the corner at the Royal Oak, managers Eve Hamilton and Graham Spencer were assessing the aftermath of the devastation in which the floodwater reached chest height.
Eve said:  "It was so strong, it swept a 12 foot long planter from outside the fish and chip shop next door into the pub, breaking open the door. We were shocked and stunned by the speed of it."
The force of the water sweeping through the pub broke windows on its way out and flooded the cellar.
Bradford Council workmen carried out emergency work to ensure the road opened as quickly as possible.
They cleared the debris and sewage from the road and fixed part of the drains which had been broken by the force of the water.
Worth Valley councillor Peter Hill said:  "I would like to put a good word in for the workmen. They have been working like hell and doing a great job."
Cllr Rosemary Key, whose house on Mill Hey was one of those affected, said villagers had been rallying round to help.
Keighley & District Travel re-routed buses from the closed roads.
Buses were following a detour from Cross Roads, along Hebden Road, and via Oxenhope and Sun Street into Haworth.
They also re-directed buses in Sutton for about two hours.
Two popular footpaths in the Haworth area have been temporarily closed after bridges were damaged.
A footpath between the Goit and Sun Street was closed for the foreseeable future until repairs were completed.
And between Ebor Lane and Vale Mill Lane a diversion was in place via Old Mytholmes Lane.
This path forms part of the Railway Children Walk, a major tourist walk.
The post office At Mill Hey has been closed until further notice.
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