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The new Wengernalpbahn snowblower - Date unknown Anonymous Photographer.
25 March 2009
Definitive Operating Permit Exists

Lauterbrunnen Switzerland - She had a lot to do this winter removing new snow.
The snowblower is a special design for the Wengernalpbahn.
After the snowblower was delivered late last winter, extensive commissioning tests were necessary.
The experiments for different conditions showed that some conceptual adjustments were necessary in the logic and the monitoring to ensure use by the two intended locomotive types.
These adjustments were greater than expected and took some time to complete, the Jungfrau Railways reported.
After acceptance by the Federal Office of Transport, the snowblower is now available for use with the two blue freight locomotives numbers 31 and 32 on the Lauterbrunnen-Kleine Scheidegg route.
If necessary, they can also be used between Scheidegg and Alpiglen.
Should the two new freight locomotives not be available it is possible to propel the new snowblower with an old locomotive.
The snowblower weighs 16 tons and has a hydraulically adjustable cutting width between 2,700 to 3,400 millimetres up to a height of 1,600 millimeters.
Its performance exceeds expectations, as was said in a statement.
The two individually adjustable chimneys provide direction and distance when blowing snow.
For snow removal around switches, the snowblower is additionally equipped with a special fan, where snow can be blown out with high velocity air.
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Original German language translation by Google with some additional guesswork.
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