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The traces of the collision can be clearly seen - Date unknown Anonymous Photographer - Jungfraubahnen.
4 February 2011
Collision on the Wengernalpbahn

Allmend Berner Oberland Switzerland - A passenger train travelling from Kleine Scheidegg towards Wengen on Friday, 4 Feb 2011, shortly before 09:00 collided above the Allmend station with a stationary, empty, work train which was composed of a crane truck, a gravel car, and a railcar.
"The cause of the accident is still unclear," explained Simon Bickel, spokesman for the Jungfrau Railways, on request from this newspaper.
As a result of the collision the crane truck tipped and the gravel cars derailed.
Also, the passenger train with about five passengers, derailed.
Trains operating between Wengen and Kleine Scheidegg were interrupted accordingly.
The company first assumed that the interruption would last until Saturday morning, but said in the afternoon that the railway operations would resume the same day at 16:30.
Shortly after midday, the derailed trailer was put back on the track.
The powered railcar work lasted a little longer.
The amount of property damage is unknown.
The cause of the accident is being investigated.
It is clear that the work train was in ordinary service on the line and wanted to load wood.
It remains unclear why the passenger train was traveling on the same track.
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Original German language translation by Google with some additional guesswork.
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