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A steam locomotive works downgrade on the Dorfstrasse overbridge - Circa 1909 Anonymous Photographer - Bruno Kummer collection.
A BDhe4/8 works downgrade on the Dorfstrasse overbridge - Date unknown Bruno Kummer.
28 June 2013
Street Crossing at Dorfstrasse

Grindelwald Switzerland - Both Postcard collectors Jakob Bracher and Bruno Kummer from Grindelwald have re-taken an old photograph at the same location.
The photos show how Grindelwald has changed through the ages.
In December 1909, the first test runs with electric locomotives were carried out on the track at Grindelwald.
The electrical equipment on the route between Grindelwald and Kleine Scheidegg was operational on 24 Jun 1910.
At that time, there were a total of eight electric locomotives available.
Steam was only used when the electric locomotives could not cope with the traffic.
The two-car class BDhe4/8, numbers 131 to 134, began operation in 1988.
Jakob Bracher.

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