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The first car of a Panorama trainset is delivered to the WAB at Grund - 23 Sep 2014 Samuel Buchmann.
23 September 2014
The New Pride of the WAB

Grund Switzerland - The Wengernalpbahn has renewed its Lauterbrunner side rolling stock.
On Monday, 22 Sep 2014, the first Panorama car was delivered.
The rest of the trainset followed in the next few days.
Construction of the new Panorama trains for the WAB is in full swing.
In August the builder, Stadler AG in Bussnang, completed various tests on the whole train.
In early October commissioning trips will be performed.
The goal is to have the first of six Panorama Trains operational for the timetable change in December, the Jungfraubahnen say in a press release.
The commissioning of additional trainsets will take place in 2015.
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