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A generator arrives at the Lütschental power station - Date unknown Anonymous Photographer.
11 May 2011
50 Percent More Electricity
from as Early as June

Lütschental Switzerland - The renovation of the Lütschental power station is pressing ahead at full speed.
The hydroelectric plant will be able to generate 50 percent more electricity from June 2011, whereby the project will be completed four months earlier than planned.
Jungfraubahnen are renovating the entire production plant of the power station.
The turbines are being replaced and two new generators put into operation as a part of the project.
After the initial transport was carried out in November 2010, today the second of the 58 tonne generators was taken through Lütschental to the power station.
The transport weighed a total of 98 tonnes.
The generator was loaded onto a 45-metre long low-loader lorry to better distribute the weight and ensure that the bridge could withstand the burden.
The generator was twice reloaded on the main road.
The Lütschental power station was built in 1908 to produce electricity for the Jungfraubahnen.
Today it has an own medium voltage network and supplies power to the villages of Burglauenen, Lütschental and Gündlischwand as well as for the operation of the Jungfraubahnen.
Thanks to this renovation project, Jungfraubahnen will be able to feed an additional 18 million kilowatt hours per year into the power supply system, equal to the consumption of 4,500 households.
The company has invested around 12 million francs in the project.
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