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Motorcar Operators West (MOW) speeders approach Woss - 13 Dec 2014 Photographer unknown.
28 June 2016
Speeders Ride the Rails

Beaver Cove - Seventeen members of Motorcar Operators West (MOW), a California-based group of railroad speeder car enthusiasts, wrapped up their annual pilgrimage to the Island Saturday.
The trip wrapped up a week-long stay on the Island for the speeder club, which trucks the small, gas, or diesel-powered cars, throughout North America to tour historic railways.
It began with a run from Western Forest Products' Englewood log sort at Beaver Cove, on North Vancouver Island, to Woss, on what is believed to be the last active logging rail line in North America.
The group was comprised of 17 speeder car drivers, some travelling with spouses or other guests.
"This is my first time here," said Johnna Borden of Redding, California, who joined her husband in his speeder.
"It's just been wonderful. The only problem is, there's so many trees you can't see the scenery," she added with a laugh.
J.R. Rardon.

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