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(left to right) Alex Hinselwood, Wayne Perham, Phil Tiley, and
Hairy Biker Dave Myers - Date unknown Alex Hinselwood.
26 April 2016
Hairy Biker Visits Blaenavon
as Part of TV Series on Pubs

A famous TV chef has appeared in Blaenavon as part of a new BBC series on Welsh pubs, which airs tonight.
David Myers, one half of the Hairy Bikers, visited the Torfaen town as part of the current series "The Hairy Bikers, Pubs That Built Britain".
His counterpart, Si King, was unable to attend through illness, but the remaining Hairy Biker visited two pubs, The Whistle Inn and The Little Crown, and the Pontypool & Blaenavon Railway.
Mr. Myers visited Big Pit in the show which takes a look at the former mining communities of south Wales, with Blaenavon Male Voice Choir appearing and performing for the chef.
Cliff Herbert, the owner of the Whistle Inn, said, "This was actually the second time which my pub has been on TV, the first being 30-years-ago when I first bought the pub. He was very friendly when he came, as the other one was unable to attend due to ill health or an operation of some kind."
The series is a 14 part look at pubs around the British Isles, with the fifth in the series centering on Wales.
The Hairy Biker travelled between the pubs using the Pontypool & Blaenavon Railway, and he cooked breakfast from the crew aboard the engine.
"He said it was the hottest kitchen that he has ever worked in," said Alex Hinselwood, of the heritage railway.
"We often make ourselves breakfast on the shovel, but I guess if you have a TV chef on the engine, you can't help but ask him to make it for you."
The series was filmed in 2015, but Mr. Hinselwood was grateful to see TV personalities like Mr. Myers taking an interest in former mining communities.
He said, "Although this area is famous for its mining heritage, there are many things, like the railways, which are just as, if not more important than the coal itself. Perhaps our railway is not as sexy as attractions like Big Pit, but Dave was very nice and he seemed to have a real interest in us. He wasn't phoney at all in my opinion, it was refreshing to see that TV stars are approachable."
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