19 Jun 2024

CN - Federal Court of Appeal Sets Hearings for Transportation and Environmental Law Cases

CN - Whistles Causing Distress to Those Near Chilliwack Tracks

CN/CPKC - Union Voting on Whether to Extend Strike Threat by CN and CPKC Rail Workers

GO - Downtown Train Station With Over 150 Years of History Gets Honours

TTC - Huge Expansion Planned for Toronto Subway Line Could Close Missing TTC Link

TTC - to Upgrade Overhead Electrical System Along Spadina Streetcars

18 Jun 2024
A CPKC train of autoracks.
A CPKC train of autoracks - Date? Photographer?

CPKC - to Open Dallas Vehicle Compound and Move More Volume to Rail

CPR - Historic Swiss Village Turned Into Resort

via - Unveils New Early Morning Train

TSB - Statistics Show Rail Accidents in Canada Declined in 2023

REM - Testing Begins on First Segment of REM's Deux-Montagnes Branch

17 Jun 2024
Summerland's CPR wharf.
Summerland's CPR wharf and railway car slip. Lake transportation was the main method of transporting Summerland's produce. The railway cars were moved onto barges and debarked near Vernon - Circa 1920 Photographer? - Summerland Museum.

CPR - Summerland Waterfront Was Once a Transportation Hub

WPYR - Dad Travels 6,000 Kilometres to Help Son Fix Model Train at Yukon's Transportation Museum

16 Jun 2024
High Fantasy Rail.
High Fantasy Rail - Date? Photographer? *3.

via - High Frequency Rail from Montreal to Toronto Will Shape Future Cities

via - First Generation Italian Canadians Honoured During Commemorative Train Ride

HSR - It's Time to Get on Board With High-Speed Rail (HSR)

CN/NRPC - Canadian Rail Officials Blame Amtrak for Adirondack Line Suspensions

15 Jun 2024
Canadian Pacific Railway 4-6-4 Hudson class H1b number 2816.
Canadian Pacific Railway 4-6-4 Hudson class H1b number 2816 - Date? Photographer?

CPKC - The Empress 2816 Steam Locomotive Passes Through Town Near Corpus Christi

CPKC - Pedestrian Struck and Killed by Train

HBRY - Judge in Oft-Delayed Inquest Into Derailment Response Denies Family's Request for More Info from Police

CN/via - Kingston to Consider Options for Silencing Night Train Whistles

ION - Police Search for Suspect in Two Alleged Assaults on LRT Trains

14 Jun 2024
The Ocean at via's Halifax station.
The Ocean at via's Halifax station - Date? Photographer?

via - Track Conditions to Make via's Halifax to Montreal Journey Even Longer

CN/CPKC - Union Planning Second Strike Vote

CN/CPKC - Carriers Divert Sailings Amid Growing Threat of Canada Rail Strike

CPKC - How the Kansas City Southern Railroad Reshaped the Country Against All Odds

CPKC - 2816 Returns to the US After Completing Final Spike Steam Tour in Mexico

ION - Free Transit Next Weekend to Mark LRT's Five Year Anniversary in Waterloo Region

GO - Train Employee Lets Seven-Year-Old Transit Enthusiast Announce Next Stop North of Toronto

13 Jun May 2024
A typewriter.
A typewriter - Date? Photographer?

via - Federal Failure on Passenger Rail

CPKC - Railway Fined Over Fuel Spills During Maine Derailments

CPKC - Victim in Hospital After Being Struck by Train

ETR - Windsor Railway Concerned Over National Urban Park's Impact on Train Service

GO - Chemical Truck Almost Collides With GO Train in Extremely Concerning Incident

ION - At Least Seven Years Before LRT Stage 2 Begins

SPMR - Stanley Park's Magical Mini Train Adding New Dates to Summer Schedule

OA&PS - An 1894 Train Station That Can Still Choo-Choo Chaboogie














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